The Mr. Gele Film Poster is HERE!

So after months of conceptualizing, designing, re-doing and fine-tuning, we now have a finished poster. I would like to thank the lovely Ms Timi Majek of Skratchaus for bringing my idea to life. 

I met Timi through a mutual friend at a Thanksgiving party. As we began to have more conversations with each other, I learnt that she was a graphic designer. So as soon as I needed a film poster for my film, I approached her about creating one for me and she was fully on board. At first, I did not have a clear vision of what I wanted specifically on the poster but knew that it had to bright, colorful and unforgettable. After searching the Internet for every single documentary-style movie poster I could find for inspiration and wearing myself out, I finally decided to just settle on a simple, unique, striking and colorful concept. Since the film is centered around Segun's craftsmanship of tying the gele, why not include different patterns of gele fabric? But how do we display all these patterns on a poster? And this is how we came up with the idea to incorporate all the beautiful gele fabric patterns within a side profile of Segun. I liked the light golden color text because it's soft enough to allow the patterned gele image to stand out and the emerald green text was selected to incorporate the documentary subjects favorite color.  Everything came together nicely and I am very happy with the end product. Thanks to Segun for taking the time and obliging us by sending all kinds of side profile photos that we asked for. Once he had someone take a photo of him at the airport while waiting on a flight ( smiles ). He is quite the busy man!!

Fun Fact: Timi and I combined a collection of geles that we had in our own closets to make this happen. I took photographs of about 10-15 individual gele pieces which were all spread out in my home office ( this process was fun). I sent all images over to Timi and she did her magic. A few days later, we had this masterpiece shown below. 

A curious designer and paper lover, Timi is the owner of SkractHaus Studios located in Atlanta, GA

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