The 25th African New York Film Festival

On Thursday, March 22nd 2018, I received an email notification stating that "Mr. Gele" had been officially selected to screen at the 25th New York African Film Festival ( NYAFF)! It was set to screen on Monday, May 21st at the famous Film Society Lincoln Center (right opposite the Julliard School) and was going to be a part of the festival's Nigeria focused shorts program! 

I had to keep this secret to myself until mid- April when the festival planned to make their official announcement on their website. The silence killed me and it was indeed torture keeping this exciting news to myself for what seemed to be an eternity.  

Finally on April 15th, I posted our NYAFF poster to Instagram and Facebook. Ms. Timi Majek came to the rescue again and created this  beautiful poster design (see below):


Before I knew it May 21st arrived and I headed on out to New York with our Associate Producer, Imani Warren.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching movies from fellow African Filmmakers in the Diaspora and definitely was thrilled to  see "Mr. Gele" on the big screen. I tell you, THAT never gets old. Just the experience of being in the midst of an audience that have their eyes fixated on the big screen watching our film is just PRICELESS! 

Afterwards, I got to participate in a Q & A session with the other filmmakers that were present at the screening. A little networking ensued amongst filmmakers and audiences alike. It was a great experience overall, one that I will never forget. 

The following filmmakers were in attendance:

Opiyo Okeyo - Birth of AfroBeat

Abessi Akhamie - Still Water Runs Deep

You can find the list of all films that were part of the festival here

See all the pictures below from NYAFF