released to the universe!!

When the editor told me these words "And here is your final trailer edit", I was over the moon. As a typical producer would do, I watched it at least 10-15 times to ensure it was perfect! It was! Shock was the next feeling and then excitement. I caught myself saying, " You mean, it is finished, it is really really finished." The feeling was quite indescribable. The next step was to release it for the world to see but yet, I held on. Why? I couldn't tell you.  I think in my deepest subconscious I managed to convince myself that it was still not perfect! In the end, I was forced to get out of my head when I heard someone say during a Creative Live Class ( They offer great educational content for creatives. Check them out!!!) ..."Don't wait till your product is perfect...release it and just get into the game." And that I did...and it feels so good. So to all my fellow creatives out there, GET OUT of your heads and your WAY...and just RELEASE those "precious babies" because the universe is waiting!

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It's been a long journey....but we are here!

This whole idea started in 2013 and 4 years later it has become a reality! Making a film no matter the length.. short or feature is difficult. First you get the idea, then the doubts, the questioning, the stopping, the darkness, the light and then the darkness, the tears, the frustration, the sweat, the lack of sleep, the planning and more planning, the spending, the losing, the lost friendships, the new friendships....need I go on. Despite all the trials and tribulations, it has been a joy to be the vessel used to bring this passion project to life. 

It all started on July 29th, 2016 and editing locked on September 2nd, 2017. My entire team: Akin Okunrinboye (Director of Photography), Associate Producer (Imani Warren) and Mimi Wilcox (Editor) completely rocks! I have been blessed to have such an awesome team of talented individuals! THANK YOU GUYS!!

Next FILM FESTIVAL SUBMISSIONS! Yes, I spent a lot of time the past couple of months composing my TOP TEN festivals that I would like to submit to and I will share those in my next post. 

Continue to watch this space as I take you on our journey from film completion to film festivals submissions. And of course, I cannot forget FUNDRAISING! Oh absolutely favorite subject.......NOT :-) But I am determined to crack that tough nut and make it through just like every FILMMAKER has to. Funds raised will be applied towards PR & Marketing, travel , film festival fees and distribution. We also have our eye on T.V too!  

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